During specific courses and workshops of the BA in Visual Communication, we have been given the task to create concepts for exhibition's and festival's posters.

Here you can find my outcomes, and the related research processes.

Project type
School Project

Research and visual style

"Buskers" is a term used to define street performers. While musicians are the ones we see the most, Buskers perform in a broad range of arts, that include theatrical impersonation, poetry reading and storytelling, juggling (also called jonglage), painting, and much more.

After some research on the subject I was impressed about the amount and distribution of Buskers Festivals around the globe.

In my analysis and research, I've been trying to capture the true essence of the Busker

  • eclectic and unusual
  • exhibitionist
  • traditionalist and "romantic"

An organ grinder in Paris, photographed by Eugène Atget (c. 1898–99), found here and provided with CC Ø License

Logotype, "mood"