The mix of different techniques and medias always gives unexpected results and a lot of fun.

In this project tutored by Felix Humm, I got my hands dirty with choal based ink, and experimented a lot on expressive typography and text composition, and then created a visual communication project.

Project type
School Project
Felix Humm

The project

In a previous course we learnt the basics of letterpress and calcography, and then we applied what we learnt in a practical yet funny exercise: the creation of a visual communication project that included a calendar and an agenda.

The research phase was helpful to understand the "mood" I wanted for the project, and I had a lot of inspiration from the Dada movement and from expressive typography pioneers like Guillaume Apollinaire.

For each month, we created a negative (a "stamp") of its initial letter with mixed materials, and then we printed them on paper. This process was fun and experimental, and with a good amount of patience I had some interesting results.

When the result was as expected, I scanned it and started the composition phase in InDesign.

This project helped me to understand that mixed techniques sometimes make the work more vibrant and "organic".

One of the negatives created for the letterpress process.